“Take Root is a vital seminar for women today. Their heart to equip and empower women to mine the depths of Scripture is a breath of fresh air in women’s ministry! My time in the Word has been forever changed and the way the Bible now comes alive has truly been life transforming. I cannot recommend this seminar more highly!” Erika B. | Aurora, CO


“The seminar was incredibly helpful as far as learning a structured way to approach the Bible. Being a new student I felt a little lost and overwhelmed until this seminar! Now I am excited to know more!” Erin P. | Cheyenne, WY


“Amy’s teaching was incredible. Being taught how to study the word in such a detailed way was incredibly useful.” Faith N. | Fort Collins, CO


“I really enjoyed going through the workshops; I learned many new things that I am excited to use in my study time.” Kayiyn S. | Fort Collins, CO